The Drain section brings together everything is needed for the removal, collection, drainage, conveyance and process of the water both for the domestic and the industrial environment.


A complete selection of channels for removal and conveyance of surface water made for both domestic and challenging environments such as industrial buildings, remote areas, ports and airports. A full range of sizes, low weight thanks to the plastic material used (PE-HD and PP) but with a long lifespan and the capacity to resist to heavy loads ( from class A15 up to class F900), low temperatures , chemicals, salt and acids.


The complementary line of gratings for Dakota’s channels made of different materials, from plastic ( PP – polypropylene) to metals ( galvanized and stainless steel, cast iron). The range is matching in size with our range of channels.


Manufactured by Dakota and made in polypropylene, the line of catch-pits is a good alternative to the concrete catch-pits. Low weighted, perfectly stackable, they can be used as extensions of themselves in case of placement in deep diggings. The practical inlets and outles on the sides allow a fast and accurate connection to the pipes. All the accessories, from end-caps to gratings and frames, enlarge the application fields and allow the compatibility with the concrete catch-pits.


The electro-welded grating of Dakota are sold in the most requested dimensions and they have high load capacity. The recessed covers are used when the presence of the catch-pit has to be hidden while maintaining the aesthetics of the flooring.


The DAKUA+ range guarantees superior functionality accompanied with a modern design. The block body channel is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Since there are no bendings, welds and screws, easy cleaning and optimal hygiene standards are a guarantee. The flow rate (44 litres/min) is high, even with lowered heights. All gratings are interchangeable. They are available in polished, brushed steel or glass.


The gully traps of Dakota allow the collection of the water in the bathrooms and the drainage of waters outside the home (on paved terraces). Thanks to the various gratings, available in different materials (plastic and steel), they can be easily recessed in the pavement or be a completing part of the floor. The corresponding accessories cover a wide range in terms of height and they can be also intalled with waterproofing membranes, maintaining water resistance.