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When you are working on building the right home or place of business for you, we are sure that you only want the best materials in the industry. These are things that will have to last a lifetime and thus will have to stand the test of time. You can just choose any random thing and that is why we suggest you contact J C R Imports Ltd.


We can provide you with a wide variety of building materials for you to choose from. Whether you are performing a small job or it is something bigger you can count on us when it comes to providing you with high quality building materials. Even if you are starting a job from scratch we will make sure that you have all the latest materials needed to make your job easier and of high quality.


Our company was founded back in 1982 and thus, other than providing you with high quality materials we are also able to provide you with the perfect advice. We are able to understand what our clients need and then we will provide you with our advice so that in the end you will be able to make a well informed decision, one that you will definitely not end up regretting. We also boast of a top notch support service that gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to our service.

We work with various high quality brands such as La Matassina, Siciliana Gessi, Novaglass, Edilchimica and much more. All these were chosen with dedication to our work and because we wanted to make sure to provide only the best for our clients. We are now established as the market leaders when it comes to the supply of construction materials. Other than providing our clients with the best items in the industry we also make sure to provide them with competitive prices. Contact us today for more information and we will assist you in any way we can.

why choose us?


We present our clients with competitive prices on a selection of products and items that we hold.


We specialise in construction joints, surface hardeners, concrete additives and epoxy resins. We also adhesives.


Our expert and highly-trained personnel will present you with guidance and advice on any supplies that you need.


We hold a range of materials from Edilchimica, La Matassina Technology, Siciliana Gessi, Novaglass and Licata.

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