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Hydrolic lime

The Hydraulic Lime classified FL 2 according to the EN 459-1: 2010 standard is a hydraulic lime to be used together with cement and aggregates for the preparation of cement-lime mortars, mortars for plasters and in traditional building. The Hydraulic Lime is obtained from the firing of marly and carbonate limestones in vertical ovens in layers with a slow process and at temperatures below 1000 ° C. The fired material is subsequently ground together with natural materials which give it good plasticity and water retention.

Hydraulic lime consists of lime, water and high-grade sand. Being used to mortar stone walls, it serves as an alternative for cement. It is ideal for restoration projects where buildings have been built with old stone, with similar lime mortar. One of the benefits of hydraulic lime is that when it deteriorates, it leaves the stone intact. Cement on the other hand, becomes stronger than the stone itself. Hydraulic lime can also be used to fill in holes within the stone.